I became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1996 and ran a successful business in Walnut Creek, CA for over 7 years.  I then met my husband of 10 years and moved to beautiful Tahoe City, CA where we are raising our two awesome boys, which is why I took a leave of absence from chiropractic to care for my boys.  I kept in shape teaching group fitness classes like Pilates and Zumba, I still practiced chiropractic but it was not as often or near as busy as my practice in Walnut Creek.

Four years ago my mother fought two rounds of aggressive Lymphatic Cancer and like the true warrior she is, she beat it twice.  I went back to Massachusetts to visit her and noticed how gorgeous her eyelashes were and she told me they were eyelash extensions.  I came back to Tahoe City in search of a stylist and what I found was NOT the quality of what my mother's lashes looked like.  So I asked her to ask her stylist what brand she uses and she told me to find an "Xtreme Lash┬« Stylist, and to not fool around with anyone else!"   I went on the internet and found my stylist in Reno, (there was no one in Tahoe City).  I thought to myself , "Hey, I've got a health background, studied anatomy for 2 years, why not get certified, and open my own business, Tahoe Lash Extensions by Dr. Amy?"  So that's what I did!  I am so excited to share with my girlfriends and their friends the ease of beautifying their look with Xtreme Lashes┬« Lash Extensions.  The number one Lash Extension Company Worldwide!