"I love my lashes. They look fantastic and are low maintenance. No messy mascara. Just great lashes all the time." ~ Jennifer

    "A few months ago I bought a Groupon for a lash tint in Reno and when I arrived for my appointment they convinced me to get lash extensions. I asked her for a natural look, but the result was not all that natural. I didn't like their lashes because it looked like I was wearing heavy mascara. My friend told me about Amy Rosen being an Xtreme Lash Stylist and so I decided to check her out when it was time for my refill.
     Amy showed me a close up photo of my lashes, I could see what a bad job the lash place in Reno had done. A bunch of my lashes were stuck together, the lash extensions they used were way too thick for my lashes, and they got glue in my hair follicles so that my new lashes were unable to grow, causing bald spots. Because my lashes were glued together in clumps, when one lash wanted to shed, it remained stuck to the other ones, causes my lashes to lay all over the place. Some even laid horizontal across by eyelid!  They were a mess!! (See photos below.)
    Amy diligently tried to save what lash extensions she could, but in the end they were so bad that they all needed to be removed. She put new Extreme faux mink lashes® on and what a difference they made. They looked beautiful and felt natural. Definitely worth the money! I've been going back for refills ever since, and she makes me laugh! I love my new Lashes!" ~ Becky

"I've never had eyelash extensions before and Amy is a complete perfectionist. I highly recommend her." ~ Juliette

"I love my eyelash extensions, they make me feel pretty! Amy does an incredible job, is extremely thorough and meticulous. Right now my favorite look is no eye make up and MAC RiRi Woo red lips! FUN!" ~ Beth

"As a sports and lifestyle model, I have to get ‘camera ready’ now and then with full make-up. My lash extensions are great for this situation, I don’t have to wear fake eyelashes, ever, and with a little eye make-up, my lashes look great and I’m ready to go. Xtreme lashes are the ideal beauty compliment for any active woman who wants to take away one worry from the day. Dr. Amy is the best Lash stylist. She is thorough and truly cares about her clients. The application process is easy and relaxing, and I find myself looking forward to it every time! Xtreme Lashes are a must!” ~Amie Engerbretson. 

Xtreme Lashes applied correctly, one extension per eyelash, 1mm away from her lid.

Groupon Lashes are all clustered together, not able to shed properly, some are even stuck to her lid!